• Fluorescent tracers

Fluorescent tracers

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Bright Dyes has a full line of tracer dye products that are certified by NSF International to Standard 60 for use in drinking water.

Bright Dyes tracer dyes are available in several different types – tablets, liquids, powders, wax – which provide options for rate of dispersion, water volumes, and application usage. And with a full range of dye colors, options are also available for diverse water colors, turbidity, and light fastness requirements.

Cat. No. Description
DR101101-0 Fluores cent FLT Yellow/Green Tablets - 200 tablets
DR101102-0 Standard Blue Tracer Dye Tablets - 200 tablets
DR101103-0 Fluorescent FWT Red Tablets -  - 200 tablets
DR105001-0 Fluorescent FLT Yellow/Green - Powder 1lb
DR105002-0 Standard Blue - Powder 1lb
DR105403-0Fluorescent FWT Red - Powder 1lb
DR106001-0 Fluorescent FLT Yellow/Green - Liquid 1 gal
DR106002-0Standard Blue - Liquid 1 gal
DR106053-0 Fluorescent FWT Red 50 - Liquid 1 gal