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Soil Nitrate Quick Test Kit

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With the kit you can perform a quick and accurate test for extractable nitrate-nitrogen in soil.

You can manage your nitrate fertilizing program for economical and environmentally efficient crop production. The kit follows the Penn State Quicktest Procedure for soil samples. It was developed during a PSU research program to perform a quick nitrate-nitrogen test for corn.

The Kit utilizes the EM Quant Nitrate Test Strip, E. Merck, and the Nitrachek Meter, QuoMed, Ltd, to read solube nitrate to 1 ppm. The strip nitrate chemistry follows the ASTM D3867 testing procedure. A reaction pad on the strip develops a red-violet color which is analyzed for nitrate concentration with the Nitrachek Meter

The University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, has evaluated the Quick Test along with four test kits. They found it to be the most accurate of the field nitrate test kits. Time to perform the test, after collecting and drying the soil samples, is approximately 15 minutes. The cost is about 75 cent per test.

The meter/strip system can also be used to test for nitrate in water, plants, fertilizer and manure. It is an excellent field method to test nitrate levels for environmental and health hazard monitoring. Its testing range is from 0 to 420 ppm (mg/l) nitrate and higher with dilution.

  • Carry case
  • Nitrachek meter
  • Nitrate test strips
  • Scale, 0-100 grams
  • Soil Sieve, 10 mesh
  • Plastic weigh dish (20)
  • Extraction vials (10)
  • Dispense bottle for extraction solution, pint
  • Extraction powder with chloride (10)
  • Nitrate-N standard, 10 ppm, 4 oz.



Cat. No.Description
HAWE10020-Nitrate test strip
HAW050321-Extraction powder w/Chloride, 10 packets - prepares 10 pts.
HAW140301-Nitrate-N Std. w/Chloride, 10 ppm N03-N, 4oz., Kit instructions