• Levelogger Edge

Levelogger Edge

  • Accuracy of 0.05% of full scale
  • Robust pressure sensor in Hastelloy
  • Precise temperature compensation

The Levelogger Edge Probe conducts very accurate readings of groundwater and surface water temperature and level measurements.

It combines a pressure sensor, a temperature sensor, a lithium battery with a battery life of 10 years and a recorder, all sealed in a stainless steel housing 22 x 159 mm (7/8 x 6.25 inch) with a titanium ceramic PVD coating. Levelogger Edge sensor measures the absolute pressure with a pressure sensor Hastelloy, which provides excellent durability and reliability. Combined with PVD coating ceramic titanium, the two elements provide a high corrosion resistance in harsh environments, allowing stable readings, even in conditions of pressure and temperature extremes. The Hastelloy sensor can withstand twice as much pressure without permanent damage. The Levelogger Edge probe offers a wide range of temperature compensated pressure (from 0 to 50 ° C, -10 to 50 ° C for Barologger Edge) and a fast thermal response. The Levelogger Edge probe provides high resolution and accuracy of 0.05% of the full scale. The Barologger Edge probe is very practical and provides very easy and precise barometric compensation.


  • Characterization of aquifers: pumping tests, well tests, etc.
  • Surveillance of a watershed, an evacuation basin or a charging basin
  • Gauging a watercourse, managing a lake or a pond
  • Measurement of tidal fluctuations and depth of ports
  • Monitoring of wetlands and runoff
  • Measurement of water supplies and water tanks
  • Management of mine and leachate water in landfills
  • Long-term monitoring of water levels in wells, surface water and salt water environments

Flexibility for communications

Levelogger PC software is streamlined, making it easy to program loggers and view or offset data in the office or in the field. The software has useful programming options, including compressed and repeated sampling, and programmed start / stop. Data compensation has been simplified and allows for barometric compensation on multiple data files at once. The highly intuitive Solinst Levelogger App and the App Levelogger interface installed on your Leveloggers probes in the field, create a Bluetooth® connection between your Leveloggers probes and your smart device. Also optional, the DataGrabber is a ready-to-use data transfer device designed specifically for the Levelogger series. Remote monitoring options include the LevelSender, a simple, compact device that fits perfectly on a 5 cm (2 inch) well, STS telemetry systems and the RRL remote radio link. In addition, the Levelogger series probes are SDI-12 compatible.

Level sensorPiezoresistive silicon with Hastelloy sensor 
Precision  ± 0.05% of full scale (Barologger Edge ± 0.05 kPa)
Stability of measurements  Excellent, low noise
Units of measurement m, cm, ft, psi, kPa, bar, ° C. ºF (Barologger Edge psi, kPa, mbar, ° C, ° F)
Normalization  Automatic temperature compensation
Accuracy of comp. of time. 0 to 50 ° C (Barologger Edge -10 to +50 ° C)
Temperature sensor  Platinum Resistance Thermometer (RTD)
Accuracy of the sensor temp.  ±0,05 °C
Accuracy of the temp sensor  0,003 °C
Battery life  10 years based on 1 reading per minute
Clock accuracy ± 1 minute / year (at temperatures between -20 and 80 ° C)
Operating temperature -20 to 80 °C
Maximum number of readings

 40,000 series of readings in FRAM nonvolatile memory, or up to 120,000 using the linear linear sampling option

Memory modeContinuous and reserve 
Communications  optical infrared interface. Convert to RS232, USB, SDI-12. Serial 9 600 bit / s, 38 400 bit / s with USB
Size 22 x 159 mm (6.25 / 8 x 7 inches)
Weight   129 grams (4.6 oz)
Corrosion resistanceTitanium PVD coating
Other wet materialsDelrin®, Viton®, 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium PVD coating
Sampling modes

Linear, user-programmed or event-based with repeat mode, program start, program stop, real-time display

Frequency of measurements1/8 sec to 99 hours
Barometric compensationSoftware Assistant and a Barologger in the local area (within a radius of approximately 30 km / 20 miles)

Full Scale (FS)
In air only± 0,05 kPa
5 m  (16,4 ft.)
± 0,3 cm (0,010 ft.)
10 m (32,8 ft.)
 ± 0,5 cm (0,016 ft.)
20 m (65,6 ft.)
± 1 cm (0,032 ft.)
30 m (98,4 ft.)
± 1,5 cm (0,064 ft.)
100 m  (328,1 ft.)
 ± 5 cm (0,164 ft.)
200 m  (656,2 ft.)
± 10 cm (0,328 ft.)