Tripod weather station

Tripod weather station

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The model 905 Tripod is a light weight collapsible tripod designed for rapid deployment and retrieval. It can be easily transported and erected by a single person. It is intended to support a complement of weather or atmosperic instrumentation weighing up to 15 pounds in winds up to 90 mph, when correctly anchored.

• 6 ft high extends to 10 ft.
• Collapsed length 48”
• Heavy duty construction
• Aluminum & Stainless Steel construction
• Includes guy kit and cables.

The 905 Tripod can be used either extended out to 10 ft (3 meters) or down to 6 ft. In the extended configuration, a set of guy wires attach to the top of the extended mast and to each of the tripod legs. The tripod can be secured to the ground or to other mounting structures. Each leg has a bolt hole that can be used to bolt the tripod to a roof top or other mounting platform. When used in the field, a screw in anchor system is used to hold the tripod in place. The anchor helps to prevent any accidental tipping of the tripod and extends the wind load characteristics of the tripod. The legs can be quickly folded up or set into place using the removeable locking pins located in each tripod leg center mount. Optional Items Include the 7221 lightning rod and grounding kit. If required a round fiber carry case is also available.


Sensor Mount 1 Inch diameter 25.4mm; 3/4 inch IPS
Shipping Dim 8” x 8” x 52”; (20.3cm x 20.3cm x 132 cm)
Tripod Weight 16 lbs 7.3 Kg
Shipping Weigh 20 lbs 9.1 Kg


Mounting base detail of 905 tripod