• Electronic Densimeter

Electronic Densimeter

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  • Densimeter with super-accuracy of density resolution of 0.0001g/cm3
  • Very simple measuring procedure allows anyone to use easily
  • Solid volume and specific gravity of solid and liquid can be measured with one unit.


  • Capable of measuring volume variation factor.
  • Capable of indicating errors for the measured value.
  • Capable of setting measurement time at will.
  • Capable of compensating water temperature at will: capable of compensating water temperature, which is required for the measurement of the specific gravity.
  • Capable of measuring plastic pellets.
  • Capable of measuring readily floating samples, such as urethane rubber, plastics, sponge, and wood.



  • Volume of sample needed for measurement is about 50cc.
  • To measure different samples successively, just simply replace the beaker.
  • A measurement result represents only value obtained through measurement at room temperature.



  • Weight in the air
  • Weight in the water
  • Value of specific gravity
  • Volume



  • Printer AD-8121: Dot impact type
  • Handy printer BS-80TS: Thermal printer
  • Liquid gravity kit, which is need for measurement of liquid.
  • RS-232C Interface, which is indispensable in case of connection with a printer or a PC
  • Cylinder type glass water tank, which is necessary, in case liquid other than water is used as a medium for measurement.
  • AC adapter, which is used overseas: AC adapter, which allows only the unit to be used in the world, is available.
  • Manual instructions in English
  • ISO-related documents: Traceability; Calibration Certificate; Report on of Inspection Results.



Density Resolution 0.0001g/cm3
Scale Capacity 0.0001-200g
Measuring Principle Archimedean principle
Standards Rubber, plastics, etc. are in conformity with JIS Standards and UL Standards
Power Source AC100 V, ±10%, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 213 x 319 x 301 cm
Weight 5.8kg



ALSD200L-0 Electronic Densimeter Model SD-200L