• Anton Paar Dynamic Shear Rheometers

Anton Paar Dynamic Shear Rheometers

  • Controls - SmartPave DSR HM-90 - HM-91

AASHTO T 315 , ASTM D7175 , AASHTO T 350 , ASTM D7405

Dynamic Shear Rheometers (DSR) classify asphalt binders based on their resistance to damage from age, temperature, and mechanical forces over a wide temperature range.

DSR’s are particularly important in the characterization of polymer-modified, performance graded (PG) binders used in modern Superpave™ mix designs. A disc-shaped binder sample is confined between two parallel plates and subjected to horizontal oscillation to determine dynamic shear properties.

Anton Paar SmartPave 92 Dynamic Shear Rheometers are configured to meet the demands of everyday quality control testing of 8mm and 25mm samples in asphalt production facilities. These models are ideal for classification of SHRP/SuperPave PG binders.

The synchronous, brushless DC motor drives a rotor mounted on a frictionless air bearing to allow the most precise movement and sensitive measurements. Maximum torque is 125 mNm (milliNewtons-meter) and minimum oscillation torque is 1μNm. Speed range is from 10-3 to 1,500rpm. A clean, dry, and oil-free supply of compressed air is required for operation. Operating air pressures are from 58 to 101psi (4 to 7bar) with optimum pressure of 87psi (6bar). User-friendly RheoCompass™ software is included and designed specifically for the needs of the asphalt industry. Intuitive, step-by-step instructions guide the user through predefined standard test procedures, and temperature calibration and verification routines are fully automated. Simplified data retrieval and report generation make the software easy to use. Toolmaster™ automatic tool recognition and configuration instantly recognizes testing components and temperature control units, eliminating the need to enter data manually when changing components. Quick-Connect coupling allows one-handed connection of key components and ensures fast, convenient changes. TruRay LED lighting feature provides a clear view of the sample and measurement surface for easy set up and precise filling of the measuring gap. A sliding rail design allows easy access to the sample during trimming and set up operations.

HM-90 SmartPave l DSR is designed for everyday QC testing, and is supplied without the Peltier temperature-controlled hood. Upper and lower measuring plates and fittings for 8mm and 25mm samples are included. This cost-effective model does not fully meet ASTM and AASHTO requirements for total temperature control. The Peltier system in the base provides temperature control for the lower plate.

HM-91 SmartPave ll DSR is also configured for routine QC testing, but fully complies with current ASTM and AASHTO requirements for temperature control of the testing environment. The patented active Peltier temperature hood controls temperatures both above and below the sample, eliminating temperature gradients and making heating and cooling rates much faster. Test times are reduced, while reproducibility is improved. With no water flow around the sample, set-up and testing takes place in a completely dry environment. Temperature range is -5° to 200°C, with temperature gradients less than 0.1°C.

The HM-90 and HM-91 DSR units operate on 115 and 230V, 50 or 60Hz power supplies. Installation and training costs will be quoted separately by the manufacturer.


  • Speed range of 10-3 to 1,500rpm
  • LED lighting allows for clear view of sample and measuring surface
  • RheoCompass™ software provides user with intuitive step-by-step instructions
  • Fully-automated temperature calibration and verification routines
  • Equipped with Toolmaster™ mechanism for instant tool recognition and configuration
  • HM-91 model equipped with Peltier temperature hood, enabling temperature control above and below the sample

Included Items

  • Smart Pave I or SmartPave II DSR
  • RheoCompass™ Software

Meets Standard(s)

AASHTO T 315 , ASTM D7175 , AASHTO T 350 , ASTM D7405

Specimen Size 8mm or 25mm
Class SHRP / SuperPave PG binders

Max:125 mNm

Min: 1 μNm

Revolutions per Minute 10-3 to 1,500rpm
Air Pressure 58 to 101psi (4 to 7bar) with optimum pressure of 87psi (6bar)
Temperature Range -5° to 200°C
Electrical 120 or 230V / 50 or 60Hz
Product Dimensions 15 x 21 x 26in (380 x 530 x 660mm) WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight

HM-90: 88.0lbs (39.92kg)

HM-91: 93.0lbs (42.18kg)