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    AsphaltQube Pro – Modular Electro-Mechanically Operated Asphalt TesterAsphaltQube Pro – Modular Electro-Mechanically Operated Asphalt Tester

AsphaltQube Pro – Modular Electro-Mechanically Operated Asphalt Tester

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AsphaltQube Pro – Modular Electro-Mechanically Operated Asphalt Tester

Designed around the third generation Integrated Multi-Axis Control System (IMACS2) controller, AsphaltQube Pro is a welcome addition to the current IPC Global range of modular testing systems. The new 30kN capacity dynamic actuator benefits from the revolutionary Electromechanical Servoactuation Technology (EmS) allowing to perform an infinite range of QA / QC or new materials’ development tests.


The AsphaltQube Pro can be used as part of your SuperPave performance based testing program.

  • The new EmS electromechanical actuator with high pre-load ball screw delivering 30kN backlash-free dynamic force over 100mm travel, with minimum noise
  • Adjustable motorized reaction frame, controlled by software or integrated joystick controller, able to adjust the vertical daylight according to the test configuration
  • An optional modular temperature-controlled cabinet, available with a range -40°C to +80°C, easy to set-up and maintain thanks to a two-piece modular construction. Fixed or ramp temperature can be set-up with IPC Global’s UTS Neutron software
  • Exceptional cooling performance especially at low temperature, with possibility to perform thermal cracking tests.
  • Suitable for Triaxial cell for 100mm and 150mm dia. asphalt mix or unbound granular material specimens. Optional air compressor that comes integrated in the machine
  • All test transducers, confinement pressure line and Four-Point bend jig clamping motors can connect directly to the rack inside the temperature controlled cabinet.
  • Clarity in results with the 3rd Generation Integrated Multi Axis Control System (IMACS2)
  • Fully integrated and very compact in design, a perfect solution for both static and mobile testing facilities
  • All-in-one touchscreen PC (optional)


EmS technology’s main benefits

  • Improved dynamic performance over servo-pneumatics
  • Stand-alone with no need of compressed air supply
  • Lower maintenance
  • Robust and durable giving a more resilient solution
  • Compact design requiring, in general, a smaller footprint
  • Easy to use



AsphaltQube Pro EmS, 30kN modular electro-mechanically operated asphalt mix and unbound tester with inbuilt IMACS2 controller. 220-380V/50-60Hz/3ph.

Load capacity Static 25 kN, Dynamic 30kN
Frequency rangeUp to 100Hz
Actuator stroke100 mm (+/- 50 mm stroke)
Actuator typeE-Mech electro-mechanical actuator
Noise level less than 70 db at 2m
Computer controlintegrated all-in-one PC touch screen (optional)
Temperature controlled cabinet required, to be ordered separately depending on the required range (see accessories)
Air compressor and dryerlow noise, integrated, automated-on-demand (optional)
Dimensions (H x W x D)2060 x 820 x 1320 mm with environmental chamber (to be ordered separately)
Weight400 kg
Load celllow profile pancake type, 30kN capacity
Built-in LVDT actuator100 mm stroke
Plug-and-Playup to 8 channels
ServicesPower without air compressor: 220 V, 60 Hz, three-phase, 28 A
Power with air compressor: 220 V, 60 Hz, three-phase, 32 A
Air: Clean dry air at 450-800 kPa; 2 L / sec (optional integrated air compressor available)