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    Overlay Test for UTM, AsphaltQube, AMPT Pro and AMPTQube

Overlay Test for UTM, AsphaltQube, AMPT Pro and AMPTQube

ASTM WK26816, Tex-248-F

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This jig is design to increase the functionality of UTM systems, AMPT Pro, AMPTQube and AsphaltQube so that they can perform the Overlay test.

  • Advanced design for high stiffness and extremely low compliance
  • High precision linear guides to ensure perfect axial loading alignment and no lateral rotation
  • IPC Global’s UTS software allows quick and easy set-up and running of tests
  • Overlay test investigates properties required for predicting both crack propagation and crack initiation
  • Available with on-jig and on-specimen transducers
  • Specimen preparation kit allows for quick and easy gluing and set-up
  • Overlay Test Specimen Preparation Kit built-in gluing plates, straight edge and sample templates, accurate sample cutting, easy alignment and gluing onto the test platens


Overlay test kit: 12 kg
Specimen preparation kit: 8 kg
Specimen platen: 1 kg


79-PV70680 - Overlay Test Jig