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    Speed Variation Accessory

Speed Variation Accessory

For TS & TM Testing Screens

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TSA-154R and TSA-153 Speed Variation Accessory allows precise control of vibration speed on Gilson Testing Screen and Gilson Test-Master Testing Screens.

Control of vibration speed assures reliable separations of materials with specific gravities different from common mineral aggregates or for materials finer than No.4 (4.75mm). TSA-154R for Gilson Testing Screens and TSA-153 for Gilson Test-Master® Testing Screens both feature a remotely-mounted digital controller that displays stroke values between 240 and 635 strokes per minute. Speed Variation Accessories can only be factory-installed in Gilson Testing Screen or Gilson Test-Masters® Testing Screens. Please inquire for retrofitting of existing units.


  • Remotely mounted digital controller displays stroke values
  • Accessory is factory-installed

Included Items

  • TSA-154R Speed Variation Accessory for Testing Screen Models, or
    TSA-153 Speed Variation Accessory for Test-Master® Testing Models
  • Digital controller for remote mounting
Product Dimensions6.1 x 4.3 x 7.5in (159 x 108 x 191mm),WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight50.0lbs (22.68kg)