• Testing Screen

Testing Screen

  • Gilson - Test-Master TM-5 - TM-6
  • Counterbalanced Drive for Easy Sample Handling Operation
  • Integral Hopper for Easy Sample Handling
  • Fully Enclosed to Minimize Dust

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Our redesigned Test-Master test screen allows accurate particle size separations for large samples. It now includes an integrated, easy-to-check hopper for easier sample introduction

Vertically hinged front doors provide improved access and clearance while reducing harmful dust. The internal rotating counterweights of the Test-Master drive system equalize the vertical screening action for quiet and smooth operation. The standard vibration characteristics are designed for medium-density coarse materials, such as limestone or gravel aggregates, and the Test-Master is also ideal for coal, coke, ore and many other dry granular materials.

The Test-Master can be placed anywhere in the laboratory without the need for permanent installation. The 1.6 ft³ (45.3 L) hopper is hinged at the rear and allows the sample to be introduced incrementally during machine operation. When the hopper is closed, a panel prevents dust from escaping through the opening. Narrower panel doors require less space to open and fold flat on the front of the unit. The doors also have a safety switch that disables the Test-Master® when it is open.

An integrated electronic digital controller has an LED display of the remaining time and produces an audible tone at the end of the test cycle. test cycles of up to 99 minutes, 59 seconds can be programmed and the cycles can be interrupted without loss of test time. An ergonomically operated pedal easily controls the hydraulic clamping and pressure release system for the screen plates.

The TM-5 units accept six screening trays and a larger tray spacing is ideal for samples with larger particles for more efficient agitation.

The TM-6 units have a capacity of seven trays and have the same reliable, fully enclosed drive system and electronic digital controller as the other models.

Independently removable screen trays are shared by the Testing Screen and Test-Master® models and are available in a wide range of opening sizes with a fabric specification ASTM E11, ISO 565 or a perforated steel plate. The screen printing cloth is replaceable, guaranteeing a long service life and inexpensive maintenance of the trays. Both operate with a powerful 1/3hp capacitor-started motor.


  •  Fully enclosed structure reduces noise and controls dust
  •  No bolting or installation required via a counterbalanced drive
  •  The integrated hopper disperses the samples evenly
  •  Increased safety for the operator with a locking switch that stops the machine when the doors are open
  •  The hydraulic pedal easily clamps or releases the screen plates
  •  The integral digital timer allows repeatable tests

Included items

  •   TM-5 or TM-6 Gilson Master Test Screen 


  • TSA-180 Sound Enclosure reduces noise
  •  TSA-167 Clean-N-Weigh accessory for cleaning and collecting the contents of the screen trays
  •  The TSA-153 speed variation accessory improves the separation of low-density materials
  •  The TSA-201 low amplitude drive shaft provides improved separation for light wood chips, coal and coke
  •  The TSA-156 display tray storage rack can hold up to seven trays
  •  TSA-112 Standard Dustpan is a full bin for collecting and processing fines
  •  The TSA-114 dust pan has a depth of 3 inches for samples with a high fine content
  •  The stationary dust shovel TSA-116 with adapter is a two-piece dust shovel with a flexible sleeve that significantly reduces harmful dust from fine particles. Only suitable for Test-Master models.
Particle Size Range4in - #4 (100.0 - 4.75mm)
Motion/AgitationVertical Vibration, Counterbalanced
Screen Tray Capacity

TM-5 Model: 6 tray slots Plus 1 for pan

TM-6 Model: 7 tray slots Plus 1 for pan

Maximum Sample VolumeHopper Feed: 1.6ft³ (45.3L)
Timing CapacityUp to 99 Minutes
Mounting CapabilityNo

115V / 60Hz

"F" Models: 230V / 50Hz

Clear Screen Size of Trays14.75 x 22.75in (375 x 578mm) WxD
Product Dimensions28 x 35 x 50 in (711 x 889 x 1,270mm),WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight700.0lbs (317.52kg)