• Automatic Calorimeter

Automatic Calorimeter

115V 60Hz

ASTM D240, D1989, D4809, D5468, D5865, E711; ISO 1928; DIN 51900; AS 1

  • Isoperibol Calorimetry
  • Removable Oxygen Pressure Vessel and Bucket 4-6 tests per hour (6 tests requires 2nd vessel and bucket)
  • Operator time per test is approximately 6 minutes

The calorimeter has a removable pressure vessel and a bucket. It can achieve the highest level of accuracy of any oxygen pressure vessel calorimeter.

It is an isoperibol calorimeter where the surrounding sheath is kept at a constant temperature while the temperature of the pressure vessel increases with the heat released by combustion. A microprocessor controller monitors both the temperature of the bucket and the jacket and makes the necessary heat leakage corrections that result from the differences of these two temperatures. These corrections are applied continuously in real time throughout the test rather than as a final correction based on measurements before and after testing.

Measurement Type
Precision Classification
0.05 to 0.10%
Number of Vessels
Up to 4
Bucket Filling / pressure vessel Washing
Oxygen Filling
1000 Tests
Printer / Balance Connection
Ethernet or USB
Network Connection
Temperature Resolution