• Humidity Chamber

Humidity Chamber

For Testing Rust Protection

ASTM D1748 and FTM 791-5310

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Tests the ability of metal preservatives to prevent steel panels from rusting under conditions of high humidity.

Polished steel panels are immersed in the sample oil and then suspended in the humidity cabinet for a specified test period.

Humidity Cabinet:

Conforms to ASTM D1748 and FTM 791-5310 specifications Produces a moisture saturated atmosphere with continuous condensation at a constant 120°F (48.9°C) for 33 steel test specimens. Test panels are suspended on a 1⁄3rpm rotating stage. Air flow and water level control systems maintain required conditions inside the cabinet per Mil. Spec. and ASTM specifications. Air temperature is maintained at 120 ±2°F (48.9 ±1.1°C) by a digital LCD electronic controller. A continuous heater circuit assists the control heater in bringing the cabinet up to temperature prior to testing. Overtemperature protection is provided by an adjustable digital thermostat which cuts off power to the cabinet in case of overheating. Cabinet interior is stainless steel lined and all interior components are of stainless steel or chrome plated steel construction. Hinged cover consists of two layers of desized cotton cloth mounted on a metal frame. Oil and condensate dripping from the specimens are collected in a drip pan and piped to an external drain.

Included Accessories:

Monel Test Specimen Hooks (33 sets)

Shipping Information:

  • Shipping Weight: 279 lbs (126.6kg)
  • Dimensions: 41 Cu. ft.

Ordering Information
Catalog No.   Order Qty
Humidity Cabinet    
K35200 Humidity Cabinet, 115V 60Hz 1
K35295 Humidity Cabinet, 220-240V 50Hz  
K35296 Humidity Cabinet, 220-240V 60Hz  
K35210 Steel Test Panels Soft temper low carbon cold rolled steel, surface ground on both faces to a 10-20 micro-inch finish. 2x4x1⁄8"(51x102x3.2mm) 33
380-240-002 Aluminum Oxide Cloth, 240-grit
For test panel preparation.
Pack of 50
250-000-09F ASTM 9F Thermometer
Range: 20 to 230°F


250-000-09C ASTM 9C Thermometer
Range: –5 to +110°C


  • Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D1748; FTM 791-5310
  • Capacity: 33 rust test specimens
  • Water Level Control: 8 in. (203mm)
  • Temperature Control Stability: ±2°F (± 1.1°C) (air temperature)
  • Heater Range: 0-1500W
  • Air Metering: 0.878±0.02832m3/h at standard temperature and pressure (31±1 ft3/h)
  • Air Distribution: 20-diffuser manifold
  • Rotating Stage: 1⁄3rpm
  • Electrical Requirements: 115V 60Hz, Single Phase, 13.0A 220-240V 50Hz or 60Hz, Single Phase, 6.8A
  • DimensionsL x W x H, inch (cm): 32 x 28 x 411⁄2 (81 x 71 x 105)
  • Net Weight: 206 lbs (93.4kg)