• Portable Octane Analyzer

Portable Octane Analyzer

115V 60Hz

ASTM D2699, D2700

  • Displays results in 20 seconds
  • Measures all grades of unleaded gasoline and ethanol blended gasoline
  • Results traceable to official knock engine laboratory

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Measures octane number via near-infrared (NIR) transmission spectroscopy utilizing 14 near-infrared emitting diodes with narrow bandpass filters, a silicon detector system, and a fully integrated microprocessor.

Simple octane number determination requires three easy steps: sampling a background signal, acquiring two absorption spectra of the gas sample, and then acquiring a second background signal. Analyzer is pre-calibrated for unleaded gasoline and ethanol-blended fuels, and can be calibrated for up to eight additional fuel types. The analyzer is small, lightweight, and operates on "AA" batteries or AC. Before each reading, the unit standardizes itself to assure accuracy. The octane number is printed with time and date on the built-in printer.

  • Accuracy and repeatability equivalent to ASTM approved CFR engines test  methods (ASTM D2699, D2700)
  • Sample Holder: Sealed, cubical glass container (75mm optical path length)
  • Sample Volume: 8 Ounces (approx. 225 mL)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 7°C - 38°C - Pre-calibrated for unleaded & ethanol-blended gasoline (Analyzer can be calibrated for up to 8 additional fuel types.) Battery operated (6 AA batteries)