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    Tackiness Tester

Tackiness Tester

  • Simple 5 step working procedure
  • Short test time of approximately 120 s
  • Optional temperature control up to 80 °C

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Measures the cohesive and adhesive tactile properties of greases and provides numerical and graphical results

The Tackiness Tester, K95200, has been designed to provide an objective and qualitative test for tackiness. The tester quantifies the cohesive and adhesive tactile properties of greases by measuring the sample in Newton's and replaces the old finger sticky test method with a numerical and graphical result.

Greases are widely used in machinery and automotive components to protect components from frictional and wear losses. As a result, interaction properties like tackiness become crucial factors and often dictate their performance, especially when it comes to bearing lubrication. This property is related to microstructural aspects of grease such as thickener network, wetting agents and additives. 

Included accessories

  • Basic Machine
  • Multi Range Power Supply 
  • PLC and HMI Software
  • 10x Syringe
  • 2 Discs (50 mm)
  • Verification Tools
  • Documentation
  • Additional accessories

Additional accessories

K95200-1 Temperature Control / Heating Option for Tackiness Tester

<0.1 N
Max. Test Force
 100 N
Load System
Test Sample Size
  5 g
Test Time: Approx.
 Approx. 120 s
 in N, N/mm2 , N/in2 
Test Speed
Standard 250 mm/s
Siemens System + HMI
Temperature Range (Optional)
ambient - 80 °C (50 - 175 °F)
110 - 230V 50/60Hz
150 W Max.
12.6x11.8x24.4 (32.0x30.0x62.0)
66 lbs (30 kg)