• Portable Gyratory Compactor

Portable Gyratory Compactor

  • - 6015



Portable & Lightweight
Use the Troxler 6015 Gyratory Compactor in all of your labs. Weighing only 380lbs, the 6015 is the most portable gyro in use today. It is so lightweight that 1 person can move it, and the compact size allows you to transport it between labs in a truck or minivan.
Durable and Rugged
In today’s ever changing and fast paced world, one needs equipment to keep up. The 6015 was designed to stand up to the rigors of any asphalt lab. Rugged industrial electronics, few moving parts and a sturdy, tubular construction to keep the angle of gyration constant are just a few of the designed in components that ensure the best possible results –no matter how many moves it makes!
Easy to Use
Let the 6015 make your life easier. The large, backlit display shows angle and number of gyration, specimen height and pressure throughout the compaction process. Once complete, data is transferred to your computer, where you can perform useful analyses with GyroPave™ for Windows™ software.
Designed for Performance Testing
With the Troxler6015, you can load approximately 250mm of mix, allowing you to perform simple performance tests.
Meets the following worldwide standards:
  • AASHTO T312 (USA)
  • ASTM D6925 (USA)
  • EN 12697-31 (European Union)





Supply 115V AC (+/- 10%), 15AMP, 60HZ, 1ph
Dimensions 760 mm L x 540 mm W x 1410 mm H (30” x 21.3” x 55.4”)
Weight 170 kg (380 lbs)
Angle of Gyration Adjustable from 0.5 ° to 1.5 °
Speed ​​of Gyration 30 +/- 5 gyrations / Minute
Number of gyrations Gyration 0-299 (adjustable range)
Height of specimen 10.0 to 243.0 mm (postponed to the nearest 0.1 mm)
Turning rate 20 to 40 RPM (adjustable range) r / min 30 found in 0.5 RPM (default)
Hydraulics Bas-activated load-extraction using a pump 0.5 hp
Dimension molds 150.0 mm ±0.1mm ID x 280 mm tall (310 mm internal height)
35.0 mm minimum specimen height
Maximum Mold Temperature 200oC
Methods of pperations Compact to number of gyrations
Compact to specified height
Data Acquisition .Gyration number
Specimen height (mm)
Data output RRS232 Serial or USB Output to Printer and Computer
Unit of measure SI Units
internal data storage Results from 10 tests stored in memory
Software GyroPave™ for Windows™ mix design software withspreadsheet applications


Standard Accessories

  • 1 mold
  • Specimen Papers
  • Operator manual
  • Standard Height Block


Optional Accessories:

  • Dynamic Angle Verification (DAV II)
  • Gyratory Shear Kit (GSK)
  • Power Transformer (International Customers)
  • Gyropave Software