• Cutter Test Sample Notching

Cutter Test Sample Notching

The Auto Cycle Notching Cutter has been designed to machine a very precise stress concentration notch in test specimens to ensure that breakage of the specimen takes place at the same section each time a test is carried out. Mainly intended for use with plastic polymer materials, the variable speed range of the cutter and traverse feed enables the optimum cutting conditions to be established for each different material.

The Dual Tooth Cutting Wheels are made from tungsten carbide with cutting edges that optically ground to very close tolerances. The standard wheel fitted to the apparatus is the 0.25mm radius cutter. However 0.1mm and 1.0mm radius, and 0.8mm and 2.00mm ‘U’ notch cutter wheels are available. We are also able to offer wheels to customers specifications if required.

Complies with Standard(s)
ISO 180, ISO 179, ASTM D256

RARRNC00-0 Auto Cycle Test Sample Notching Cutter
RANC051A-0 0.100 mm Radius Cutter
RANC051B-0 0.250 mm Radius Cutter
RANC051C-0 1.000 mm Radius Cutter
RANC051D-0 0.800 mm "V" Notch Cutter
RANC051E-0 2.000 mm "V" Notch Cutter