• Press Hand Operated Cutting

Press Hand Operated Cutting

Hand Operated Cutting Press. - The Hand Operated Test Sample Cutting Press has been specifically designed to cut shapes such as test samples from relatively flexible materials, such as plastics, fabrics, boards and paper. In most cases, the thickness of the material that can be cut will not just depend on the strength of the material, but also on the lateral flexibility of the material to allow the cutter to penetrate down into, and pass through the material. In other words, if the material is too rigid, the thickness of the material that can be cut will be reduced because the outside edges of the cutter blades will bind in the material, and therefore reduce the available cutting force. The press generates on average up to 600kg (6KN) of cutting force. (Dependant on strength of operator)


Fine height adjustment of cutter, supplied with cutting mat, Arbour locking tool, Hexagon key, 1 year return to base warranty, product user manual.


Cutting tools to any shape or standard, different shanks to suit most cutting presses, Cutting Mats, Ray-Ran also produces a wide range of cutters for this Press.

RARR-HCP-0 Hand Operated Cutting Press
RANCP-XBG038 Spare Cutting Mat