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Paint Mixing Scale

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You'll be amazed by the PMA. Quality paint-mixing scale from Sartorius!

Setting the bar high in its operation, equipment, and application possibilities, the PMA.Quality can be used as a standalone scale or connected to a PC or mixing system, and has impressive features that only a true Sartorius paint-mixing scale can offer:


USB or RS-232 data interface

Data exchange is faster and more reliable, guaranteed!


Large 14-segment display

Weight values, paint components, and other important information are clearly displayed for the painter.


New keypad overlay design

Large keys with positive click action give the user clear feedback.


Recalculation function

If formulas are dispensed incorrectly, don’t worry! The PMA.Quality calculates the exact amounts to be re-dispensed quickly and accurately.


Built-in formula calculator

Flexible calculation and easy weighing of various container sizes.


Dual-range scale

The reading accuracy can be increased easily to 0.05 g (over a weighing range of 1000 g) when working with extremely small quantities of paint.


Multi-language setup menu

A selection of language settings enables easy and reliable user guidance during operation.


Tested and certified

Approved for use in areas exposed to the risk of fire (TÜV NORD CERT)


Detachable display unit

Display can be installed as a separate device if extra space is required.


Housing parts resistant to solvents

Can be cleaned extremely easily.


High-capacity PMA.Power (35 kg version)

Don't compromise on quality and accuracy when mixing large paint quantities. 

Product Order Number
PMA.Quality PMA7501
PMA.Quality USB and cable PMA7501-000U
PMA.Quality for zone 2 PMA7501-Y
PMA.Quality USB for zone 2 PMA7501-Y00U
In-use cover YDC01PMA
In-use dust cover for weighing pan YDC01PMA-WP
Grounding cable (2 m) YCC01-X046M2
Connection to a PC
RS-232 data cable (2 m) YCC01-0047M2
RS-232 data cable, BPI (2 m) YCC01-0028M2
RS-232 data cable, BPI (20 m) YCC01-0028M20
USB/RS-232 converter cable, SBI YCO12
USB/RS-232 converter cable, BPI YCO13
Technical Specifications
Weighing capacity ranges 999.95 g | 7,500 g
Readability 0.05 g | 0.1 g
Weighing pan ∅ 233 mm
Net weight 3.2 kg