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Precision Balances / Scales Quintix

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The intuitive touch-screen in combination with the most precise weighing technology make Quintix laboratory balances the only choice to achieve the best results.

You will benefit from improved workflows by easy-to-use application programs. If you need to generate GLP-compliant documents, you will save considerable time and effort with the “plug and work” connectivity of Quintix laboratory balances.


  • Enjoy weighing with our easiest to operate Sartorius lab balance
  • Save time and improve your workflow with simple menu navigation and integrated applications at the touch of a key
  • Set your mind at ease - maximum accuracy all the time thanks to isoCAL; fully automatic internal calibration and balance adjustment
  • Obtain reliable and accurate results with the most advanced weighing technology from Sartorius, the German innovation leader in lab weighing
  • Make your record keeping easier with Quintix USB “plug and work” connectivity to a GLP-compliant printer or a computer
Model NumberReadabilityWeighing Range
QUINTIX1102-1CEU10 mg1.100 g
QUINTIX1102-1ORU10 mg1.100 g
QUINTIX1102-1S10 mg1.100 g
QUINTIX2102-1CEU10 mg2.100 g
QUINTIX2102-1ORU10 mg2.100 g
QUINTIX2102-1S10 mg2.100 g
QUINTIX213-1CEU1 mg210 g
QUINTIX213-1ORU1 mg210 g
QUINTIX213-1S1 mg210 g
QUINTIX3102-1CEU10 mg3.100 g
QUINTIX3102-1ORU10 mg3.100 g
QUINTIX3102-1S10 mg3.100 g
QUINTIX313-1CEU1 mg310 g
QUINTIX313-1ORU1 mg310 g
QUINTIX313-1S1 mg310 g
QUINTIX5100-1S1.000 mg5.100 g
QUINTIX5102-1S10 mg5.100 g
QUINTIX513-1S1 mg510 g
QUINTIX612-1ORU10 mg610 g
QUINTIX612-1S10 mg610 g
QUINTIX5100-1CEU1.000 mg5.100 g
QUINTIX5100-1ORU1.000 mg5.100 g
QUINTIX5101-1CEU100 mg5.100 g
QUINTIX5101-1ORU100 mg5.100 g
QUINTIX5102-1CEU10 mg5.100 g
QUINTIX5102-1ORU10 mg5.100 g
QUINTIX513-1CEU1 mg510 g
QUINTIX513-1ORU1 mg510 g
QUINTIX612-1CEU10 mg610 g