• Semiautomatic concrete press

Semiautomatic concrete press

  • 400 000 lbs (1800kN)

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  • Ideal for contractors, laboratory and concrete plants.
  • Its massive construction (1800 lbs) with a powder paint finish gives it stability and long term sustainability.
  • Hydraulic system fully integrated in the frame for more safety and aesthetics.
  • Wide bottom plate (12 "x 16 ''). Compression
  • Large lower piston
  • One ball head for all your tests (cylinders, cubes).
  • Full livery
    • ready for compressing cylinders, 6 "x 12"
    • ready for compressing cylinders, 4 "x 8"
    • ready for compressing cylinders, 3 "x 6"
    • Ready to compress CUBES 50 mm (2 ")
    • Ready to compress CUBES 100 mm (4 ")
    • Ready to compress CUBES 150mm (6 ")
  • Cubes compression device 50 x 50 mm and beams optional.


Compression device on cube 2 "(50mm)


  • Stability of welded joints
  • Piston with a 50mm stroke limit safety switch
  • The plates are hardened at least 55 HRC.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The spacers have a handful for better handling
  • Silent two-stage pump with a power of 1HP.


Digital Indicator Geneq
The indicator has 6-digit LED display and load or stress in real time and 3 digit LCD for more information about menus and pace rate

The indicator shows the rate the rate of charge / sec the indicator shows the relation of stress to the zone you entered. It can be used for sensors and pressure transducers or displacement sensors. It works by metric system, SI and Imperial indicator battery operated. The battery lasts for nearly 24 hours continuously.

It has two separate calibration files 8 points.

At the end of each test, the results can be saved to memory or send to a PC or to a printer via the RS232 output.


Safety features
Our compressing machine is equipped with:
  • Maximum pressure valve to prevent overloading.
  • An automatic stop of the piston has its upper limit
  • Security panel (door) and rear transparent Plexiglas to prevent debris


Capacity400,000 lbs (1800KN)
Maximum distance trays13.5 "
Upper ball6.5 "
Lower plate12 x 16 "
Voltage110V / 60Hz
Dimensions27 x 20x 38 "
Shipping Weight1800 lbs