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    Tramex feedback ez kit for buildings and materialsTramex feedback ez kit for buildings and materialsTramex feedback ez kit for buildings and materials

Tramex feedback ez kit for buildings and materials

  • DL-RHTX Data Logger 
  • 5 x Hygro-i2 probes
  • Wall mounting

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It's a compact kit for logging ambient and in-situ relative humidity, temperature, dew point & humidity ratio in buildings and building materials.

The Tramex FBZK is a compact kit designed for professionals who depend on accurate, reliable live & logged readings of relative humidity, temperature, dew point and humidity ratio. Monitor both ambient and in-situ conditions in buildings and building materials. 

The kit includes 5 reusable Tramex Hygro-i2 RH probes for testing RH in concrete as per ASTM F2170. The Tramex Feedback DataLogger and Tramex Meters App log up to 100,000 data point entries, transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth BLE technology to your mobile device. On the App you can visualize Live Readings, Thermal Conditions and Psychrometric Charts, as well as creating and exporting spreadsheets, charts and reports. The Tramex Feedback DataLogger requires the Tramex Meters App and a compatible iOS or Android mobile device. The kit comes in a protective Tramex Easy-travel case.


  • Bluetooth BLE enabled for use with mobile devices
  • Up to 100,000 data point entries possible
  • Instant set up and start modes
  • Used to perform ASTM F2170
  • Ambient and In-situ RH and temperature logging Intuitive and instructive APP interface
  • Adjustable interactive chart, spreadsheet, report and easy-export functions
  • Connectivity up to 165ft (50 meters) for highly accessible data downloads

Kit Contents

  1. DL-RHTX Data Logger 
  2. 5 x Hygro-i2 probes
  3. Wall mounting
  4. Tripod Stand

Feedback Datalogger DL-RHTX Measuring Range:

Memory:100,000 data point entries (samples of Ambient RH and temperature; SurfaceTemperature)
Logging Rate:Logger interval adjustable between 10 minutes and 1 hour
Transmission Range:Up to 165ft (50m) line-of-sight
Bluetooth:BLE Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 compliant


Relative Humidity Sensor Specifications:

Range:0 to 100%RH
Accuracy:±1.5%RH Range 0% to 80%RH ±2.0%RH Range 80% to 99%RH (@ 77ºF (25ºC))
Resolution:0.1% over the complete range
Drift:<0.25%RH per year


Temperature Sensor Specifications:

Range:-40ºF to 257ºF (-40ºC to 125ºC)
Accuracy:±0.1ºF Range 68ºF to 140ºF (±0.1 °C Range 20°C to 60°C)
Sensor Protection:PTFE Film protects sensor opening from water & dust Drift: <0.04ºF (0.03ºC) per year
Drift:<0.04ºF (0.03ºC) per year


Specifications of Kit:

Size:13.8" x 9.1" x 3.5" (350mm x 230mm x 90mm
Weight:28oz (800g)
Power: 1 x AA type battery 1.5 Volt