Tramex water damage restoration inspector kitTramex water damage restoration inspector kitTramex water damage restoration inspector kitTramex water damage restoration inspector kitTramex water damage restoration inspector kitTramex water damage restoration inspector kit

Tramex water damage restoration inspector kit

with bluetooth and accompanying app

  • Dual depth
  • Non-invasive testing
  • ASTM F2659

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It's a complete moisture meter kit for water damage restoration of buildings and building materials.

The Tramex WDIK is the complete kit for moisture content and relative humidity testing and monitoring of ambient conditions, concrete, wood, tiles, drywall, plaster and numerous building materials after water damage. Featuring the Tramex ME5 for dual-depth, non-invasive testing of moisture conditions in drywall, wood, plaster, brick, tiles, resilient flooring, laminates and roofing. 

The Tramex CMEX5 digital concrete moisture meter allows for quantitative moisture content measurement using Gravimetric testing as a baseline, comparative testing of concrete and ambient conditions measurement. The Tramex Feedback Datalogger gives live readings and time logs relative humidity, temperature and dew point in the environment and in materials and air spaces with the plug-in relative humidity probe. An infrared surface thermometer gives surface temperature and dew point conditions used in conjunction with the CMEX5 hygrometer. 

A heavy-duty pin-probe measures moisture content in wood or WME in other building materials. The Tramex Water Damage Restoration Inspection Kit comes with an extension handle in a protective heavy-duty carrying case with die-cut foam lining. 

Bluetooth connectivity to the Tramex Meters App allows for visualization of readings and data reporting to mobile devices, to GeoTag test results, create, save and share photos, reports and charts, as well as see your meter screen on your phone when extending to hard to reach places.

Kit Content

  1. Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 -  CMEX5     
  2. Moisture Encounter 5 - ME5   
  3. Feedback Datalogger - DL-RHTX
  4. Free App available for Android and iOS (phone not included)
  5. Heavy-duty pin-type wood probe
  6. 5" (127mm) short narrow Relative Humidity probe
  7. 7.8" (200mm) insulated pins for in-depth penetration

Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 - CMEX5 - Measuring Range:

Depth of penetration in concrete:approx. ¾" (20mm)
Moisture content for Concrete:0 → 6.9 %
Comparative for Gypsum floor screed:0 → 12
CM Equiv Anhydrite/Concrete:0→2.7 / 0→4.3
Reference scale:0 → 100
Relative Humidity:0 → 99%
(with optional Hygro-i2 ® probe):Humidity accuracy: 0% → 99%RH +/- 2% @ 25°C / 77°F
Moisture content for wood (with optional wood pin probes):5 → 30 %

Moisture Encounter 5 - ME5 - Measuring Range: 

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Wood Moisture Content:5 to 30%
Reference scale for building materials:0 to 100