• Appareil de cisaillement automatique direct / résiduel

Appareil de cisaillement automatique direct / résiduel

  • - GEN2060

ASTM D3080; BS 1377:7; AASHTO T236

The test covers the determination of consolidated drained shear strength of a soil material in direct shear. GEN2060 Automatic Direct / Residual Shear Test Machine is motorized and floor mounted. Supplied with carriage assembly load hanger and integral 9:1, 10:1 and 11:1 lever loading device as standard. The beam loading device which is used to amplify the vertical load on the shear box assembly can receive up to 50 kg of weight. The total load on the specimen can reach up to 5 kN (5000 N).

The machine accepts 60 mm square, 100 mm square, 60 mm dia. round, 100 mm dia. round and 2.5 inc. dia. round shear box assemblies. All shear box assemblies are designed to contain water that surrounds the specimen. The Assemblies consist of a shear box with a rigid wall square or round hole complete with a vertical loading pad grooved back face, a grooved retaining plate, 2 pcs. porous plates, 2 pcs. plane grids and 2 pcs. perforated grids.

The shear machine is driven by high resolution servomotor and gear box assembly. Speed range is fully stepless variable over the range 0.00001 to 9.99999 mm/min for both direction( forward and reverse). After test the reverse speed is 10 mm/min.). 5 kN load cell is used for load measurement. 10 x 0.001 mm and 25 x 0.001 mm sensitivity linear potentiometric transducers are used for vertical and horizontal displacement measurements respectively. Displacement limits are controlled by limit switch. Shear Box Assembly, Slotted Weight Set and other optional accessories including specimens cutter and extrusion dolly should be ordered separately.


Specifications BC100
The BC100 TFT Graphic Display Data Acquisition and Control Unit is designed to control the machine and processing of data from load cells and displacement transducers (fitted to the frame of the machine or additional frames).

All the operations of Data Acquisition and Controls System BC 100 TFT are controlled from the front panel which consists of a 800x480 pixel 65000 color resistive touch screen display and function keys. Three analogue channels for load cells and displacement transducers.

The BC 100 TFT has easy to use menu options. It displays all menu option listings simultaneously, allowing the operator to access the required option quickly to activate that option or enter a numeric value to set the test parameters. The BC 100 TFT digital graphic display allows real time Load vs. Displacement or Stress vs. Displacement graph. The advanced functions for data base management provide an easy navigation of all saved data. The test results certificate includes all descriptive information.

Therefore, test parameters can be set and details about the test carried out such as customer details, test type, specimen type, user info and other information required can be entered and printed out as well as test reports and graphs. Also, all minor revisions can be implemented upon request. The Software calculates both the maximum and resilient shear stress.

After three runs, the software calculates the cohesion value “c” and shear resistance angle”φ” by using the best straight line fit.


Ordering Informations
Cat. No. Description
GEN2060 Automatic Direct / Residual Shear Test Machine, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
GEN2065 Shear Box Assembly 60x60 mm
GEN2070 Specimen Cutter 60x60 mm
GEN2072 Extrusion Dolly 60x60 mm
GEN2066 Shear Box Assembly Ø 60 mm
GEN2074 Specimen Cutter Ø 60 mm
GEN2076 Extrusion Dolly Ø 60 mm
GEN2067 Shear Box Assembly 100x100 mm
GEN2078 Specimen Cutter 100x100 mm
GEN2080 Extrusion Dolly 100x100 mm
GEN2068 Shear Box Assembly Ø 100 mm
GEN2082 Specimen Cutter Ø 100 mm
GEN2084 Extrusion Dolly Ø 100 mm
GEN2069 Shear Box Assembly Ø 2.5 inch
GEN2086 Specimen Cutter Ø 2.5 inch
GEN2088 Extrusion Dolly Ø 2.5 inch
GEN2100 Slotted Weight Set 50 kg (4x10 kg + 1x5 kg + 2x2 kg + 1x1 kg)