• Appareil de flottation automatique de laboratoire

Appareil de flottation automatique de laboratoire

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  • Cellules interchangeables avec leur roue respective, en capacités de 1, 5, 2.7 et 5 lt.
  • Rotamètre pour la lecture du flux d'air.
  • L'alimentation en air interne garantit un débit constant, précis et reproductible.

The Geneq Laboratory Flotation Machine is designed to reduce reproducibility errors to a minimum, produced by human operation and by mechanical elements.

For that it has a frequency inverter constantly controlling the rotation speed of the impeller, minimizing voltage variations of the network. It also has an internal and independent air supply for flotation tests, so it isn’t affected either by pressure variations or by dirt in the network. This air supply is also electronically controlled, which allows great accuracy and reproducibility. 

A big four line baklit display, allows to clearly read variables during test, being able to easily adjusting any parameter.

All this added to different accessories and automation modules, make the EDEMET Laboratory Flotation Cell the main equipment of a metallurgical laboratory.

  • Interchangeable acrylic cell with its respective impeller, in capacities of 1, 5, 2.7 and 5 lt.
  • Rotameter for air flow reading.
  • Internal air supply, ensures a constant, accurate and reproducible flow.
  • Digital display of 4 lines, to indicate all setting parameters and instant variables.
  • Programmable conditioning time
  • Programmable flotation time
  • Frequency inverter with mono-phase inlet of 220V, for accurate and stable control of velocity between 600 and 1600 rpm
  • State of the art internal controller that allows handling up to 6 dosing pumps and/or feeding and discharge