• Appareil pour mesurer les points de fusion

Appareil pour mesurer les points de fusion

  • - SMP10

  • Digital selection & display of temperature
  • High accuracy
  • Easy to operate with plateau facility
  • Ideal for educational use
  • Supplied with calibration certificate

The SMP10 has been designed with safety and ease of operation in mind making it ideal for use in education. The temperature is selected, measured and displayed digitally making it accurate and negating the need for a thermometer. Two samples can be tested simultaneously. They are viewed via a magnifying lens with clear observation aided by built in illumination. Extendible back feet allow the unit to be operated at the optimum viewing angle. Full access to the block aids cleaning. The simple to follow instructions are printed directly on the instrument in most European languages for ease of use. To operate simply select a plateau temperature via the three digit display and press ‘start’. The unit quickly heats up and remains at the selected plateau temperature until the user is ready to start the test. Insert the sample tubes and press ‘start’. The unit then heats slowly so that the melt can be observed. When the sample is seen to melt, note the temperature on the display. Press ‘stop’ to end heating and cool the block. Supplied complete with calibration certificate showing individual serial number for traceability.

Technical Specification