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The Deister CPC can size sand or finely crushed ore to meet market specifications, but the most common use of our CPC is to classify feed for a battery of concentrating tables.

This will optimize recovery and grade.


  • Low operating cost-no moving parts
  • Provides hydraulically-sized feeds to concentrating tables
  • Dual stages of classification
  • Simultaneously produces different spigot products
  • Continuous discharge of classified products
  • Overflows at 105 microns
  • Produces accurate classification of materials 1/4" to slime


The CPC is ideal for constant, uniform feed to concentrating tables allowing for the most efficient use each table. Also, any parts affected by abrasion can be quickly and inexpensively replaced.

Model SV
2 tons per hour, per cell 
Model LV
6 tons per hour, per cell