• Détecteurs de défauts par ultrasons

Détecteurs de défauts par ultrasons

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The DFX series ultrasonic flaw detectors are full featured digital scopes designed to handle the simplest to the most difficult applications. Whether the application requires high penetration for materials that are difficult to measure, or high resolution for precision aerospace parts, the DFX series flaw detectors are equipped with the necessary features to do the job. They can go where you go, to do the work you do, saving you time and money, making your inspections fast and accurate.

  • Transflective Color TFT Display
  • Broad & Narrow Band Amplifier
  • Square Wave Pulser (Active Edge)
  • Extruded Aluminium Case (IP65)
  • Digital Thickness Display
  • Automatic Calibration
  • PC/Video/Analog Outputs
  • Long Battery Life (Li-ion pack)
  • Large Memory Capacity
  • Curved Surface Correction
  • Alphanumeric Notes
  • Trig function
  • Help feature

Physical Size 9.25 x 7.13 x 4.0 in (235 x 181 x 102mm)
Weight 7.5lbs. (3,4Kgs) with Li-Ion cells
Case Extruded Aluminum

DADFX615-0 DADFX615 Flaw Detector
DADFX625-0 DADFX625 Flaw Detector
DADFX635-0 DADFX635 Flaw Detector
DADFX638-0 DADFX638 Flaw Detector