• Tamiseur


  • Gilson - TM-5 and TM-6 Test-Master
  • Commande contrebalancée pour une manipulation facile des échantillons
  • Trémie intégrale pour une manipulation facile des échantillons
  • Entièrement fermé pour minimiser la poussière

TM-5 Shown with Doors open and hopper elevated


  • Counterbalanced Drive for Easy Sample Handling Operation
  • Integral Hopper for Easy Sample Handling
  • Fully Enclosed to Minimize Dust
  • Built-in Digital Timer for Maximum Test Repeatability

The newly redesigned Test-Master Testing Screen now features an integrated, moveable material hopper for easier sample introduction and vertically-hinged panel doors for improved access and clearance. The 1.6 ft3 (45.3 L) hopper is hinged at the rear and allows the sample to be introduced incrementally if desired, as the machine is running. When the hopper is closed, a panel blocks dust from escaping through the opening. The narrower doors require less space to open and fold flat across the front of the unit. The doors also feature a safety interlock switch that disables the Test-Master when open. 

The new TM-5 and TM-6 units feature the same reliable counter-balanced drive assembly, fully enclosed operation and electronic digital controller as our previous models. Sample vibration characteristics are identical to our TS-1 and TS-2 models and the Screen Trays are interchangeable. Internal rotating counterweights of the Test-Master drive system equalize the vertical screening action to assure smooth, quiet operation and prevent transfer of vibrations to other lab instruments. The Test-Master may be placed anywhere in the lab with no need for permanent installation. A built-in, UL approved electronic controller has LED display of time remaining and produces an audible tone at the end of the test cycle. Test cycles lasting up to 59 minutes, 59 seconds may be programmed and cycles may be interrupted without loss of test time. An ergonomically operated foot-pedal easily operates the hydraulic clamping and release system for the screen trays. 

Factory-installed Test-Master options allow greater versatility for processing a wider range of materials. TSA-201 Low Amplitude Shaft produces sharper separations on materials finer than No. 4 (4.75 mm). TSA-153 Speed Variation Accessory helps when testing fine samples and materials with lower density, such as wood chips. These accessories also reduce particle breakage during screening of sensitive materials such as coal and coke. Since other accessories such as Sand Attachment, Clean-N-Weigh and Tray Racks interchange with Testing Screen models, the Test-Master is a good choice for an efficient upgrade in the modern lab. 

Screen Tray capacity of the TM-5 is six plus the dust pan while the TM-6 will hold seven Screen Trays plus a dust pan. For samples with larger particle sizes, the wider tray spacing of the TM-5 allows more efficient agitation. Both operate with powerful, capacitor-start 1/2hp motor. Overall dimensions are 28x35x50 in (711x889x1270 mm).

Technical Note
Option Selection
Vibration characteristics are designed for coarse materials of mid-range density such as limestone or gravel. When the machine is used exclusively with materials finer than No. 4 (4.75mm), the factory-installed TSA-201 Low Amplitude Shaft option will improve separation results. Separation of fine materials and low-density materials (such as wood chips) can be improved by adding the factory-installed TSA-153 Speed Variation Accessory. For soft materials like bituminous coal, TSA-201 and/or TSA-153 reduce breakage of sample particles during screening. Customers with special materials or in need of special mesh sizes should contact a Gilson Technical Service Representative.