• Station de visualisation de la couleur

Station de visualisation de la couleur

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New Features and Tight Controls for Optimized Viewing

GTI’s CVX and EVS D50 color viewing stations feature state- of-the-art electronic ballasts combined with Graphiclite T8 fluorescent lamps, producing superior light evenness, excellent rear wall illumination, and enhanced energy efficiency. A built-in print bar and LiteGuard II, which displays lamp warm up, lamp hours, and remaining lamp life are included with both models.

By combining D5000 accuracy and consistency with sturdy construction and attractive design, GTI’s CVX and EVS color viewing stations are the perfect choice for prepress studios, agencies, publishers, offices, and production environments.

CVX Color Viewing Stations

The CVX’s symmetrical luminaire directs light through a diffusion lens in a uniform pattern to ensure equal light coverage over the viewing table and back wall. To further enhance viewing, all CVX models include removable side walls. The CVX-3052/FS and CVX-30106/FS viewing stations include a metal table top, a floor stand with shelves (height adjustable at set-up),and casters. CVX viewing stations are also available with two or three light sources

CVX Viewing Station Models

(D ×W)

EVS Executive Viewing Stations

The EVS’s luminaire is positioned parallel to the floor and utilizes an asymmetrical lens design which directs light at an angle ensuring consistent illumination on the work surface and rear wall. This position is also ideal for soft proofing applications and viewing stations equipped with a densitometer or spectrophotometer.

All EVS viewing stations include a metal table top. /FS models include a floor stand with shelves (height adjustable at set-up),and casters. Side walls are optional on EVS models, but recommended. The EVS-2028 is designed for smaller format viewing and is often purchased without a stand for use as a desktop unit.

EVS Viewing Station Models

Viewing Area
(D × W)
20" × 28"
51cm × 71cm
25" × 40"
64cm × 102cm
29" × 52"
74cm × 132cm
29" × 106"
74cm × 269cm
40"× 52"
102cm × 132cm

CVX and EVS Storage Options

CVX and EVS viewing stations are available with a variety of storage options. Flat file sets consisting of eight drawers (/FD) or two door storage cabinets (/SC) can be used alone or combined with one deep or two shallow file drawers. All GTI viewing stations can be ordered as a countertop unit.