• Cadre de charge à vitesses multiples

Cadre de charge à vitesses multiples

The HM2800-000 provides a simpler, less advanced solution for doing CBR testing than the HM-3000, while retaining the ability to assign a speed of operation between 0.008 and 2.000 inches/minute for doing the multitude of tests required by today's labs, beyond CBR.

The HM2800-000 pictured shows a typical CBR setup. The HM2800-000 is sold as a load frame only, order setup items separately.

The HM2800-000 Multi-speed Load Frame is designed for those who want a high-quality but simple, multi-purpose load frame without built-in data acquisition capabilities. The HM2800-000 is ideal for applications where the operator either is not concerned with data acquisition; or, already has an existing data acquisition system or plans on constructing one. With its digital display, the HM2800-000 also provides the operator with the ability to select any speed with three decimal accuracy within the load frame's speed range.

The HM2800-000 features a quiet, direct-drive DC motor that provides a loading speed range from .008 to 1.999 in/min., controlled through the use of edit keys and a digital display. It also incorporates a separate, dedicated control to accommodate 2.00 in/min. for use in Marshall and TSR Testing for asphalt. The controls also accommodate a rapid travel speed of 2.25 in/min for moving the platen into position quickly.


P/N   Name
HU4454.100 Load Ring with Dial Gauge - Load Ring with analog dial indicator,
lbf-11000, kN-50.0, kgf-5000
HU4158.1-000 Dial Indicator, 1.0" range x 0.001"
HU4178-000 Penetration Piston
HU4178BR-000 Dial Indicator Bracket


Cat. No. Description
HM2800-000 Multi-Speed Load Frame - Multi-Speed Load Frame, 120V 60Hz
HM2800.4F-0 Multi-Speed Load Frame - Multi-Speed Load Frame, 220V 50/60Hz