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    Appareil de consolidation

Appareil de consolidation

ASTM D2435, ASTM D3877, ASTM D4546, AASHTO T216, BS 1377:5

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The ConMatic IPC is a fully-automated, incremental pressure controller for performing incremental consolidation and one-dimensional swell tests.

The ConMatic IPC allows consolidation and constant load and volume swell tests to be run automatically, freeing up technicians for other tasks and reducing the duration of the testing procedures by more than half — effectively saving time and manpower and increasing lab profitability. One ConMatic automated system can replace the production of several manual machines — running incremental consolidation tests according to ASTM D2435 Method B, where successive load increments are applied after 100% primary consolidation.

Once a sample has been placed onto the test platform and the test conditions set, the ConMatic IPC, used in conjunction with a computer and Humboldt's HMTS software, performs all consolidation tests, including moving to the next stress level, without operator assistance. The system automatically moves through the different test parameters specified by the user with incremental consolidation tests typically being completed in 24 to 48 hours. The HMTS software uses sample deformation readings taken from the displacement transducer and load readings from the load cell to maintain a constant applied stress or strain to the sample through the use of an accurate stepper motor. Test results are recorded and rendered in real-time on the computer screen while test data is stored and calculations are performed automatically.

The HMTS software provides:

  • Live tests and live graphing capabilities (real-time)
  • Complete test reporting including all calculations and graphs required for testing
  • Review and exporting of tests using Microsoft Excel
  • Smart Test Function: automatically picks up where it left off if the test was not finished due to unexpected events within your computer

The unique design of the ConMatic IPC system enables the user to connect up to 5 Conmatic IPC units to a single computer and run them both independently and simultaneously.


ConMatic IPC Typical Setup:
Part #Description
HM-2470A.3FConMatic IPC
HM-2300.020Load Cell, 2000lb (10kN)
HM-1220.XXFixed Ring Consolidation Cell
HM-2310.10Linear strain transducer, 1.0" (25mm)
HM-2310BRStrain Transducer Bracket
HM-1100SWHMTS Consolidation Reporting Software


The ConMatic IPC System Requirements:
ComputerPentium 4 or faster, 1GB RAM, 300MB swap space, CD-ROM, 1024 x 768 display resolution.
AC Supply110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz 5 Amp
Air SupplyClean and dry (air filter, water trap) minimum 120 psi (900 kpa) continuous air supply, 10CFM (0.3 m3/min)


HMTS Reporting Software (HM-1100SW) and the ConMatic IPC
The ConMatic IPC includes the Advanced, Module level of the Humboldt Material Testing Software (HMTS),which provides a complete solution for the acquisition, recording and presentation of test data, as well as controlling testing operations when used in conjunction with compatible Humboldt testing equipment. The HMTS software and the ConMatic IPC unit provide complete automation of incremental pressure controller for performing incremental consolidation and one-dimensional swell tests.

The HMTS controls the test functions and automatically records data while also displaying it in real-time tables and graphs.

Technicians can be freed-up for other duties with the assurance that all test data is being collected and saved.

HMTS works in conjunction with Microsoft Excel to present test data in easy-to-read Excel workbook format files, which can be evaluated directly or sent to any computer using Microsoft Excel.

  • Test Information is stored, and all calculations are performed automatically
  • Live tests and live graphing capabilities (real-time)
  • Complete test report including all calculations and graphs required for testing
  • Review and export tests using Microsoft Excel


Fixed Ring Consolidation Cells
Complete cell assemblies for use with the ConMatic IPC. Cells feature stainless steel construction and self-trimming cutter ring. Cutter ring rests inside clamping ring on lower porous stone, which is larger than the sample. The top porous stone and loading pad rest on the sample. The assembly is fixed on the cell base and enclosed within an acrylic cylinder open to the atmosphere, which permits saturation of the sample.


Fixed Ring Consolidation Cells