• Contenants pour échantillons

Contenants pour échantillons

Round containers with tight-fitting slip cover lids are often used to prevent moisture loss in samples during storage or in transit.

Ideal for sieve test samples. All have straight sides & flat bottom. Covers fit bottom of container during drying or in use.


Cat. No. Description
HU1350.3A TIN SAMPLE CUPS 2.5 Oz ( 71g)
HU1350.4A TIN SAMPLE CUPS 4.7 Oz (133g)
HU1350.6A TIN SAMPLE CUPS 5.6 Oz (159g)
HU1350.8A TIN SAMPLE CUPS 8.2 Oz (232g)
HU1350.16A TIN SAMPLE CUPS 16.0Oz (454g)