• Minuteries universelles

Minuteries universelles

Series 170 Universal Timer includes four individual models with precise timing for industrial and laboratory work. With GraLab timers you get accuracy even at maximum setting, combined with features for ease of use.

Two3-wire receptacles allow you to automatically switch external appliances with Series 170 timers. Control one appliance with a switch which can either make or break circuit at zero. The other receptacle is independent of the switch and always breaks the cirtuit at zero.

Large numerals on a 6 1/2" face are easy to read. An outer ring tells you elapsed time, while the inner circle can be used as a stop clock. Variable volume control allows you to adjust the buzzer alarm for your lab's noise level.

Rubber base pads, wall mounting keyholes and a recessed hand grip on the sturdy 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 2 1/2" polycarbonate/PET case give you multiple placement choices.

Two models to choose from
Model Minimum Setting Total Range
171 1 second 60 minutes by minutes & seconds
173 15 seconds 15 hours by hours, minutes & 1/4 minutes


Accuracy ±.015% @ maximum setting
Voltage Input voltage 100-130 VAC, 50 or 60Hz. 210-250 VAC, 50 ou 60 Hz. for use in countries other than U.S. and Canada
Power rating of AC outlets @120 VAC:
Max Lamp Load 600W
Max Resistive Load 1200W
Max Motor Load 1/3 HP
UL & CSA listed


HU4292-000 Universal timer, model 171, 60 min. by min. & sec.. Min. setting: 1 sec.
HU4292-173 Universal timer, model 173, 15 hours x hours, min. 1/4 min. Min. setting: 15 sec.