• Minuteur



Modèle : 171

Réglage minimum: 1 Seconde

Portée totale : 60 mnutes


Modèle : 172

Réglage minimum: 1/4 Secondes

portée totale : 15 minutes


Modèle : 173

Réglage minimum: 15 Secondes

portée totale : 15 hours

These portable timers are widely used to indicate passage of time, to signal the end of a preselected interval, and automatically switch external circuits on or off.

Ideal for controlling lab equipment such as sieve shakers, vibrators, and other fractional horsepower machines. All models have two separate 3-wire outlet receptacles; maximum 750 watt combined load for both outlets. Features include an 8” Dial with large numbers for elapsed time, and inner circle of small numbers for use as a stop clock, and a built-in buzzer with variable volume control. All units have an accuracy of +/-0.015% at maximum setting. Specify 115V or 230V; also, specify 50 or 60 Hz. UL and CSA listed.