• Analyseur de corrosion pour béton

Analyseur de corrosion pour béton

Advanced System for corrosion potential data acquisition and analysis, allowing the user to quickly identify areas of probable corrosion in the field.

For steel reinforcing bars in concrete, corrosion is an exchange of ions from the steel to the concrete. This chemical exchange of ions produces rust (FeO2). It also produces areas of concrete where there is a larger concentration of negative ions due to the corrosion process of the steel reinforcing bar than areas where there is no corrosion. This larger concentration of ions creates a small electric voltage potential found in the corroded steel reinforcement whitout costly and time consuming demolition of the concrete.

This is done by recording the voltage between the rebar nd a half cell, which is mapped across the surface of the concrete. Areas of rust with high corrosion will exhibit significantly lower voltages than areas whitout corrosion, thus areas of corroding steel reinforcing bar in cncrete can be rapidly found. There is no need to know the mount of cover, the presence of the steel is all that is required. However, the voltmeter has to be connected to an exposed piece of the rebar network, and because the concrete is being tested, any material on the surface should be removed.


  • Ruggedized electronics allows rapid analysis of data in the field or office.
  • Conforms to ASTM C-876 standard method of half - cell potential of un-coated reinforcing steel in concrete
  • Electrode is designed for use on horizontal, vertical and inverted positions
  • Temperature and humidity sensors facilitate inclusion of environmental conditions in data analysis.



The Cor Map Mark II system comes complete with rugged half-cells designed for the though construction environment. Porous ceramic tips are used in order to provide long life and eliminate problems from clogs in the Cu/CuSO4 half-cell. The specially shaped tip has also been designed to allow the half cell to take reading in a vertical, horizontal or inverted position. They also have a semi transparent full view window that allows liquid level observation without removal of sealed ends and still protects the half cell from damage by sunlight. The Ag/AgCl electrode uses an easily replaceable disposable cell. This also allows readin to be taken in the vertical, horizontal or inverted position. It also makes amintenance a simple matter.




The fully integrated data acquisition and analysis unit has been designed for the rapid analysis of data in the field or offcie. As large amount of data are normally generated, interpretation of this information can be very difficult. Employing the simple to use menu driven CorMap main unit, data can not only be collected quickly and easily, but it can also be analyzed directly in the field on the graphic display. The unit produces a symbolic map of the structure, where symbols represent various half-cell potential voltage levels previously acquired. This symbolic map can then be interpreted like a contour map where areas of high potential represent areas most likely to be corroding.

Not only can this information be acquired ad analyzed but the unit will also read the general environmental parameters of temperature and relative humidity.

All this data can also be stored and uploaded to a PC. This allows the user to include the data in subsequent reports and spreadsheets for futher analysis. ERach data point is also recorded with the time and date to simplify later analysis.



Instrument Weight 6lbs (2.75kg)
Ship Weight 15lbs (6.8kg)
Instrument Dimensions 4.5 x 8.5 x 10.5 in. (115 x 225 x 267mm)
Battery 12 volt, 4-10 hours continuous operation
Display 320 x 240 pixels backlight for daylight use
Storage Over 5000 readings
Operating temp. 0-50°C
Temp. Reading Range -273 to +130°C
Temp. accuracy ±0.5°C
Humidity Reading Range 0-100%
Humidity Accuracy ±5%



C-CM-5000-CU Cor-Map complete system Cu/CuSO4 sensors
C-CM-5000-AG Cor-Map complete system Ag/AgCl sensors
C-CM-4000 Cu/CuSO4 Reference electrode
C-CM-5500 Instrument & PC software
C-CM-5400 Ag/AgCl Reference electrode
C-CM-4300 Cable reel w/250ft cable
C-CM-5100 Sensor adapter
C-CM-5200 Reservoir housing
S-3180 Battery charger
C-CM-5150 Extension poles