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ASTM F2170-02

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Concrete RH/Moisture Meter Kit with BluePeg Sensor Relative Humidity and Moisture Meter Test Kit for concrete slab provides compliance with ASTM F2170-02 standard.

Kit consists of Meter, (1) Reusable RH Blue Peg Sensor, (10) RH sleeves, cable and case.

Experts recommend the RH test as the most reliable in-depth measuring method for concrete moisture available today. The RH BluePeg System Measures relative humidity, temperature and dew point. The RH Blue-Peg uses a single microchip, factory calibrated to NIST standards.

The HC-3000 Kit includes one Reusable RH BluePeg Sensor and a meter designed for Contractors, Floor Covering Installers and Restoration. In Scan Mode, the Meter has a calibration built-in for comparative readings of concrete and sheetrock. For all other building materials the reference scale can be used to identify moisture.

In RH Mode, this meter can also be connected to the RH BluePeg sensor for in-situ measurements that conform to ASTM F2170.

Scan Mode Properties

  • Resolution: 0.1% for entire measuring range
  • Measuring Depth: 1/4 or 3/4" deep (7mm and 20 mm)
  • Reference Scale: 0-99 for non-wood building materials, 0-99 for concrete, 0.4-2.0 for gypsum

RH Mode Properties

  • RH Range: 0-99%, Temp: 0 to 200 degrees F or -15 to 95 degrees C.


HC-3000.1RH BluePeg Sensors, 5-Pack
HC-3000.4RH Sleeves, 20 sets
HC-3000.5RH Sleeves, 100 sets