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    Broyeur à billes et à tiges

Broyeur à billes et à tiges

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For use in primary or regrind circuits in mineral, chemical, or industrial pilot plants or small commercial size applications. Flexible for wet or dry grinding in open or closed circuit as a rod, ball, or pebble mill.

Typical grinding applications include: copper, lead-zinc, fluorspar, uranium, molybdenum, etc.; are processing pilot plants; high grade industrial materials to liberate values prior to recovery by subsequent processing; grinding of chemicals or material such as limestone for use as reagents.



Quinn grinding units are designed for 24-hour day continuous abrasive duty. They offer a great deal of flexibility. As standard or with minor adaptation, they may be operated

A. as a rod, ball, or pebble mill.
B. in open or closed circuit with cyclone or spiral classifier.
C. as a wet or dry mill.
D. as an overflow, grate, or peripheral discharge mill.
E. available in various lengths as shown in table.
F. in a variable speed range of approximately 67% to 80% of critical speed.

* Capacity based on wet grinding medium ore to 65-mesh.


ShellHeavy rolled steel, bolted machined flanges template drilled with interlocking surface. Liner bolt holes and drain coupling. Standard lengths are as shown. Available 16" length sections if desired for flexibility.
LinersReplaceable lifter bars with recessed bolt holes of 475 Brinnel white iron with approximately 2% Cr, 0.60% Si, 0.75 Mn, and 3.25% C. Shell liners of rubber covered steel.
Liner boltsSquare head standard bolts, nuts, metal and fabric reinforced rubber washers.
HeadsHigh grade ductile iron, bolted machined flanges template drilled, with interlocking surface. Trunnion surface ground and polished.
Trunnion hearingsAre of babbitted construction for waste packed oil or block grease lubrication.
FeederDrum type is standard. Combination drum/scoop is available (closed circuit operation).
GearReversible cut-tooth of close grained cast iron. Template drilled and bolted to head.
PinionReversible, cut-tooth steel.
Gear guardSolid steel, OSHA type.
ReducerEnclosed running-in-oil with double reduction.
V-belt driveVari-pitch V-belt drive with speed range approximately 68% to 80% of critical.
Drive guardSolid steel, OSHA type.
MotorTotally enclosed, fan cooled for 3 ph, 60 Hertz, 230/460 volt operation (or other standard).
Structural baseFabricated common steel base for mounting mill and motor drive. Support legs optional.
Mill dischargeTrunnion overflow type is standard. Grate discharge or peripheral discharge optional.