• Filtreur à vide

Filtreur à vide

This portable bench top filter can be connected to a water faucet pump or any light duty vacuum pump. An open top design allows for cake washing and inspection during operation. The filter cloth and paper are placed on the waffle grid base and held in place by the screw clamped cylinder body.

Slurry is then poured into the 2-gallon chamber. ID: 10" dia x 6"H. The base is constructed of mild steel, available with rubberized coating. Complete with drain pipe, filter cloth, and filter paper. SW: 55 lbs. For use with the batch vacuum filter, order the plastic Erlenmeyer flask filtrate trap complete with stopper and glass tubes for hose connection.

Cat. No. Description
SE070C-001 Rubberized base, mild steel body and drain
SE070C-002 Rubberized base and body, SS drain
SE070C-003 Filter cloth
SE070C-004 Pkg of 100 filter paper, high wet strength
SE070C-006 2000cc plastic filtrate trap