• Plateaux filtreurs

Plateaux filtreurs

Geneq offers a wide range of pan-type vacuum filter systems for dewatering and/or washing minerals, chemicals, and industrial products on a pilot or commercial scale. Pans tilt to facilitate easy product discharge. Both duplex and simplex models are available. Duplex models approach continuous operation by the discharge of one pan while the other is filling. Specify one of the following materials of construction: mild steel, stainless steel, special alloys, fiberglass reinforced polyester resin (FRP), or elastomer lined. The filter grid is polypropylene and the standard cloth is #33 grade cotton twill; nylon or other synthetic cloth is also available.

The entire system consists of: tilting pans with support stand and piping, filtrate receiver, wet vacuum pump, a 3/4" (1/2 HP) diaphragm filtrate pump, and associated piping. The tilting pans and stand mounted with piping can also be supplied separately.

Cat. No. Description
Pan Size Wet Vacuum Pump Filtrate Dia. Receiver Height
SE070C-020 2’ x 2’ 22 3 12’’ 36’’
SE070C-030 3’ x 3’ 50 5 12’’ 48’’
SE070C-040 4’ x 4’ 90 7 1/2 12’’ 60’’
SE070C-050 5’ x 5’ 130 10 12’’ 66’’