• Usine pilote de cellules de flottaison pour laboratoire

Usine pilote de cellules de flottaison pour laboratoire

Pilot plant and small commercial size flotation cells are used in mineral, chemical, environmental, and industrial applications requiring efficient dispersion of fine air or gas bubbles in slurries and liquids. These flotation units are offered in five standard sizes designed for continuous (or batch) 24-hour operation to handle fine and coarse abrasive slurries. Can be supplied in «cell-to-cell» or «open flow» design in a bank from one to sixteen cells.

The suspended «Sub-Aeration» mechanism has a positive, valved control of air/gas input to each cell and will accommodate additional external air. Precision machining and construction are used to assure accurate alignment and long wear life of the easily replaceable urethane impeller and diffuser. With neoprene froth paddle assemblies; adjustable recycle ports, replaceable feed pipes, and replaceable sand reliefs of variable size.

Dual or single drive, adjustable motor brackets and replaceable cell liners on the larger units. Optionally, the units can be supplied in stainless steel or urethane sprayed for corrosive applications.

Cat. No. Description
Size (inches) Cu.ft./
Drive HP RPM Wt/ cell
Model W D H Dual One
SE050D-020 #5 10 7 24 0.32 0.75 0.5 1300 200
SE050D-030 #7 13.4 11.4 32 1.35 1.5 1 1100 325
SE050D-040 #8 19.3 11.3 37 2.95 3 1.5 850 500
SE050D-050 #15 30 24.4 60 12 5 3 480 1000
SE050D-060 18SPL 38 32.4 68 24 7.5 3 420 1400t