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    Contrôleur de décompte du temps

Contrôleur de décompte du temps

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Plug a piece of equipment into the time controller and begin a countdown sequence of 1 minute to 10 hours for power shut off.
The Time Controller can also be programmed to shut off power in real time with up to 8 on/off settings per day, a total of 56 settings per week. Programs can run for as little as one minute in duration, are easy to set with the aid of convenient buttons on the front panel and can be manually overridden. A built in selfrecharging battery backup ensures that your timer programs will not be lost in a power failure. Especially useful with recorders, electrophoresis equipment, pumps, and for control and safety on equipment with heating elements such as hot plates, water baths, ovens, and sterilizers. Features dual electrical plug inputs for control of two devices simultaneously. Weight: 7oz (200g).
Dimensions: 5½" x 3" x 2" (114 x 75 x 55mm).
With N.I.S.T. traceable certificate ofcompliance 810060C


Resistive load  15 Amps/125V
Tungsten load  15 Amps/1875 Watt
Motor  1 HP
Weight  7oz (200g)