• Collecteur de données portatif

Collecteur de données portatif

  • Connexion USB directe au PC
  • Peut être utiliser comme répéteur
  • Pour utilisation avec tous les enregistreurs de données de la série RTR-500 

This is our wireless handy portable data collector. It can be used to collect data from data loggers and monitor current readings via wireless communication.

The collected data can then be checked there on the spot...no need for a PC. It can also be used to make recording settings such as “Recording Interval” and “Recording Start”.

1- Check Data on the Spot

You can check the collected data in graph form right from the collector. It is also possible to remotely make recording start and interval settings via wireless communication.

2- Monitoring and Warning Functions

At a set interval the RTR 500DC communicates with data loggers and gathers current readings and status of loggers. Also if a set upper or lower limit has been exceeded the icon will flash and a buzzer will sound.

3- USB Data Transfer

The data can be easily transfered to a PC for further analysis, storing and so on.

Store Data from 15 Units at Full Capacity

It can store data downloaded from up to 15 units ( RTR501/502/503/505/507 ) at full data capacity.

Operates on Just Two Batteries

It operates on just 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries. It can also be connected to an external power source.

Easily Manage Up to 7 Groups x 32 Loggers

In each group it is possible to manage up to 32 separate data loggers ( remote units ), and up to 15 repeaters can be added to each group.
*For RTR-505, RTR-574, and RTR-576, registration of one unit will be counted as two units.

Share Info with Multiple RTR-500DC Collectors

It is easy to share data logger registration info between data collectors and the "Visitor Entry" function enables any RTR500DC unit to accept "visitors" or Remote Units which have been previously registered to another collector.

Easy One-Hand Operation

You can select all menus and items using the operation buttons and dial.

Use with Discontinued Models

Being compatible with former RTR-5 series models makes it easy to use with an mix of new and old.
* There are some items and functions that may not be compatible.

Functionality Portable Data Collector
Comm Interfaces USB, Serial, Optical, Short Range Wireless
Warning Notifications LCD, Warning Buzzer
Power AAA Alkaline Battery x 2, AC Adaptor, External Power
Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Humidity: 90%RH or less (no condensation)
Dimensions H:125mm × W:58mm × D:26.3mm
Waterproof Capacity None
Battery Life 96 hours of continuous use (for monitoring current readings and remote unit status)
Accessories AAA Alkaline Battery, USB Mini-B Cable, etc.
Reference Price US$320 
Prices are for reference only; please check with your local distributor for exact pricing.