Ventilateur à fine brume

Ventilateur à fine brume

Type plancher

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  • The nozzle-free fan can atomize ordinary water supplies into a very fine mist-like-fog, as well as pond water without the risk of clogging.
  • The H-2737 conveniently sits on flat surfaces or shelves and is extremely easy to set up and operate.
  • The H-2737 Bench-Type Fogging Fan is a quiet and dependable fogging fan, perfectly suited for the small curing rooms.
  • Utilizing high-speed centrifugal force and air flow, these units can propel a misty-fog stream up to 20 feet away.
  • The H-2737 is engineered to withstand humid conditions as high as 100% relative humidity.
  • Units are constructed of impenetrable components like Nema 4 boxes and connections, all 304 stainless steel hardware,
  • UV stabilized polyethylene housing and precision, high strength injection molded polypropylene components.
  • Units also reuse their condensation waste water, eliminating the need of a near by drain.
  • Bench Top units fill automatically by means of an internal float valve and come equipped with a simple garden hose connection.
  • A quarter-turn valve controls the fogging output.
  • Not available in 220V model


Cat. No.Description
HU2737-000Fogging Fan,Fine Mist (Bench-Type)


H-2734.1Economical Mobile Floor Stand
H-2734.2Ceiling Support
H-2734.3Wall Mount Support
H-2737.1Humidistat Control (110-250 Volt 50/60Hz)
H-2737.2Thermostat Control (110-250 Volt 50/60Hz)
H-2737.3Cycle Timer Control (110-250 Volt 50/60Hz)
H-2737.4Mini 360° Oscillator For H-2738, (115 Volt 50/60Hz)