• Ligne de vie horizontale conçue de manière permanente

Ligne de vie horizontale conçue de manière permanente

Dispositif de vérification d'ancrage

  • Cadre de test de câble 8mm et accessoires
  • Veri5000 2 ”Testeur avec raccord rapide
  • Pont d'épandage de charge

Permanent Engineered Horizontal Life Line Anchorage Verification Device is for proof-testing the swage connection on permanent engineered horizontal life line systems.

  • 8mm Cable test frame & accessories
  • Veri5000 2” Tester with quick release coupler
  • Load Spreading Bridge
  • Adjustable telescopic legs, pins and swivel feet
  • Locking adaptor
  • Ringbolt adaptor clevis
  • Bolt tester adaptor
  • Stud adaptor in 1/2” and 5/8”
  • Ratchet spanner
  • Single wrench
  • Ball Driver
  • Piston Key
  • Oil bottle
  • Spare screws
  • Hex wrench set.

Kit supplied in a padded carrying case with 12 months calibration and full operating instructions. PEHLLAVD-A - comes with Analog 0-30kN/lb/f Gauge PEHLLAVD-BT - comes with Digital Bluetooth Gauge and Android tablet