• Vibromètre portatif

Vibromètre portatif

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  • Large measuring range, displacement up to 18.1
  • Analyser of acceleration, velocity, displacement, rotation speed, Frequency
  • Three display modes Common mode display any one of peak acceleration, velocity in RMS and displacement in peak-to-peak
  • Special mode display all the above options simultaneonsly
  • Spectrum mode display spectrum charts
  • Status bar on display with warning and alarm limit
  • Memory for 25 x 62 resdings and 25 spectral charts
  • RS-232 output for printer or PC (optional software)

Technical Specifications
Transducer Piezoelectric acceleration
Measurement range Acceleration: 0.1 m/s 2 -392m/s2 (peak)
Velocity: 0.01cm/s-80cm/s (RMS)
Displacement: 0.001mm-18.1mm (peak-peak)
Frequency range Acceleration: 10-200Hz, 10-500Hz, 10Hz-1KHz, 10Hz-10KHz
Velocity: 10Hz-1KHz
Displacement: 10Hz-500Hz
Accuracy ≤±5%
Operating temperature OºC-40ºC
Humidity range ≤80%
Display LCD, 320 x 200 pixels,
with LED backlight
Power supply Li-ion rechargeable batteries
charging time 12 hours
Dimensions 171mm x 78.5mm x 28 mm
Weight 230g

Standard delivery
Main unit 1
Accelerometer probe 1
Magnetic base 1
Battery Charger 1
Protective sheath 1
TIME certificate 1
Instruction manual 1
Warranty card 1
Carrying case 1

Optional accessories
  • Printer TA220S with cable
  • Probe groupware
  • Long needle
  • Dataview with cable