Hand model - Light Skin

I.V. Injection Hand - Light Skin

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The I.V. Injection Hand is the ideal simulator for advanced IV training

Now, for the first time,realism is available in an injectable hand simulator. The dorsal surface of the incredibly realistic hand includes injectable metacarpal, digital, and thumb veins. The soft, flexible fingers are molded separately with extreme attention to detail… right down to the fingerprints! Students have the opportunity to develop important manipulation skills provided by the flexion of the wrist. The skin rolls as you palpate the veins, and you’ll feel the characteristic “pop” when the vein is entered. The simulated veins and skin are completely replaceable, allowing you to keep your Advanced IV Hand working and looking like new.

Under normal use, hundreds of injections may be performed before the veins or skin need to be replaced. Comes in storage box. Includes one pint simulated blood, 2 IV bags, butterfly set, 3 cc syringe, 12 cc syringe, and 22 gauge needle. Fluid supply stand not included. Five-year warranty.

This injection simulator is a great teaching and learning tool.

Supplied in storage box.

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