Pharmaceutical Packaging Leak detectorsPharmaceutical Packaging Leak detectorsPharmaceutical Packaging Leak detectors

Pharmaceutical Packaging Leak detectors

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A leak detection instrument designed for testing pharmaceuticals with the Methylene Blue Dye Test Method, a test mainly used for testing blister packaging.

The CDV Pharma is an advanced instrument incorporating a vacuum chamber and an operating system especially focused on the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

4 Reasons why you would LOVE to have a CDV PHARMA in your laboratory?

1- User Friendly

  • The CDV Pharma is equipped with ORION OS, our most advanced operating system. Inspired by smart phones, ORION has been designed to behave as a Smart device. You can use different Apps developed by our in-house engineers. You can install a new App in your CDV Pharma to fit new and specific needs. We can match any standard test method in accordance to those technologies : vacuum leak testing and blue dye test method.
  • Presets are available in each App so you can store test parameters for each one of your products
  • Our team of experts is here to listen to you and provide you with the most pleasant experience when using your CDV Pharma.
  • Training: We have already produced different videos, that will simplify the installation of your CDV Pharma and the process of training your operators. You can also have a Q&A video conference with our team of experts to discard any possible doubts.
  • By placing the acrylic plate at its lowest setting, only 1 Liter of methylene blue dye will be necessary to submerge the sample into a bath 1.5 cm deep.
  • The draining system enables you to purge the liquid from the chamber and making it possible to recover or dispose of the dye without splashing or staining the operator.

2- Modern Design

  • The CDV Pharma offers an aesthetic and innovative design which combines a modern and professional quality. You will feel proud of your laboratory.
  • Compact design: Save space on your laboratory desktop by having desiccator, command system and vacuum generator in one device with a CDV PHARMA : The ultimate All-In-One device.
  • Safety: Drain connection, round edges, hinges and the lid with pistons will allow you to operate your CDV Pharma in a secure way.

3- Compliant with Norms & Standards

  • Compliant with USP Chapter〈1207.2〉 Package Integrity Leak Test Technologies – Probabilistic Leak Test Technologies: Bubble Emission and Tracer Liquid
  • CDV Pharma is compliant with MGA 0486 test method of the Mexican pharmacopoeia (FEUM)
  • We can match your desired standard or any international standard such as the ISO 8871-5. We will only ask you to share your technical requirements with us so we can be able to work with them and make your CDV Pharma “Ready-to-Use”
  • Our products bear the “CE” mark, compliant with SAFETY, ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY, WASTE AND HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES directives. CDV Pharma is delivered with our “DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY”
  • IQ / OQ Documentations can be included if requested.

4- Efficient Data Management

  • Data protection compliant with your CFR21 part 11 policy
  • User access and Administrator access controlled by login and password
  • Thermal or Dot Matrix Printer
  • Results are automatically stored in an Excel File on a SD Card
  • Test results are stored in our cloud with secured access (optional)
  • Screen shot result sent directly to your e-mail address (optional)
  • External communication with your data management system upon request


ModelCDV2 PharmaCDV3 Pharma
Inside tank dimensions

28 x 20 x 7.6 cm

11" x 8" x 3"

45 x 30 x 7.6 cm

18" x 12" x 3"

Weight12 kg (27 lbs)30 kg (66 lbs)
Maximum vacuum at sea level

-980 mbar

-28.9 inHg

-980 mbar

-28.9 inHg