Moisture Meter FULL KIT, Classic Model 919

Moisture Meter FULL KIT

The Model 919® is made in Canada. All components are brand new and manufactured using CNC technology.

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Classic Model 919®
Moisture Meter FULL KIT

The Labtronics® Model 919®™ Moisture Meter used by producers, elevators, and government agencies has a proven history of both durability and reliability in an agricultural environment. The Classic kit includes the Model 919® moisture tester, 600g x 0.1g digital scale, storage case, book of charts, -10 to 110 degrees celcius thermometer and 9 Volt battery clip for use in the field. This is a completely portable kit with a removable 3.5″ cell for fast and easy testing.

What is in the Box:

  • Model 919® Moisture Tester with Removable 3.5″ Dump & Test Cell.
  • Glass Thermometer – green liquid filled (environmentally friendly)
  • 120 Volts 60 Hz AC/DC Power Adapter
  • 9 Volts DC Plug
  • Operation manual with all CGC charts. Many additional charts are available upon request


  • NEW LED Indicator Light: the LED light now changes from GREEN (GO) to RED (STOP) when the analogue needle reaches the low (null)point providing another way to obtain your dial reading.
  • Rugged Construction: die-cast aluminum housing for maximum durability.
  • State-of-The-Art Technology: the electronics use solid state transistors instead of vaccum tube technology. NO TUBES TO BURN OUT!
  • Fast and Easy Testing: the % moisture can be obtained from a sample in less than one minute.
  • The Test Cell and Body are Calibrated as a Unit: errors in calibration may occur if the cell is interchanged with another tester.
  • Analog Meter Movement: All new Model 919® Testers have the easy to read, time tested analog meter movement with orange needle.
  • Portability: a 9 Volt DC Plug is included, allowing the unit to be transported and used under any field conditions. (9 DC volt battery is not included). Optional storage or transport case available.
  • Accuracy: within 0.1% when properly calibrated
  • Serviceable: a complete inventory of parts for our Model 919® will always be available. (many parts from the Motomco 919 are also interchangeable with this new unit).