precise weighing a patient who lies on a bed

Bed Scale C315.4B.500.C-1

  • Maximum capacity [Max]: 500kg
  • Readability [d]: 200g

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C315.4B.500.C-1 Bed Scale

The bed scales series is a precise weighing instrument verified in class III, designed for weighing a patient who lies on a bed.

Four weighing modules connected through cables enable placing the scale under a bed of optional size. Lifting the bed is very simple with a jack specially designed for this purpose (it is designed for wheels size between 100 and 200 mm).

The scales come standard with an indicator PUE C315 series comprising a backlit LCD display and a 5-button keyboard for the simple operation of basic scale functions.

Scale is transported on a trolley, which is simultaneously a stand for the scale indicator.



    The internal and rechargeable battery of SLA 6 V type (sealed lead acid) enables device operation without connecting the device to the mains (9h operation). The weighing instrument controls battery status and displays a respective pictogram on the screen.


    Function registering the greatest temporary indication occurring in course of the weighing process. It is most often used in medical scales in order to hold the measurement indication.


    The diagnostic function allows to objectively document performed measurements. GLP procedures may be either presented in a short report form or an extended one.


    "ALIBI" memory enables the saving and storing of up to 100000 measurements. Measurements are saved automatically upon each pressing of the key.

    There is no need for any additional operations or changing settings.

    The following data related to the measurements is saved: measurement date; measurement time; result (mass); tare value; operator carrying out the measurement (logged in); product name.

    The software saves the measurement in a so-called loop, i.e. when the measurement no. 100001 is saved, the measurement 1 gets automatically deleted from the memory.

    Measurements saved to balance memory cannot be deleted.

    You can preview and print out the data saved to the ALIBI database.

  • BMI

    The BMI is defined as the body mass divided by the square of the body height and is expressed in units of kg/m2, resulting from mass in kilograms and height in metres.

Metrological parameters
Maximum capacity [Max]500 kg
Readability [d]200 g
Tare range-500 kg
Physical parameters
DisplayLCD (backlit)
Communication interface
Communication interface RS232
Electrical parameters
Power supply100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz and battery
Power consumption max.5 W
Operation time on batteriesup to 8h
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature0 — +40 °C
Relative humidity10% — 85% RH no condensation

* 2 years warranty