Coconut Test KitCoconut Test Kit

Coconut Test Kit

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  • Coconut Test Kit for On-Site Detection
  • Fast and highly sensitive coconut analysis

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Coconut Test Kit for On-Site Detection

Coconuts are drupes from the coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) commonly mistaken for tree nuts. The coconut tree is a palm tree widespread around the world. Its cultivation requires hot and wet weather. Producers in tropical regions of Asia are responsible for over 70% of worldwide coconut production.

Allergy to coconut is rather rare, with only a few documented cases of its occurrence. Its emergence as an allergen source of importance comes from its inclusion by the USFDA in the group of allergens that must be declared in product labels (“the big 8”, in which it is listed as a tree nut). Regardless of its low prevalence, all documented cases of allergy to coconut have included anaphylactic reactions, which can be lethal when not promptly and properly treated.

Its inclusion in “the big 8” as a tree nut usually leads many nuts-allergic consumers to fear adverse reactions towards products containing coconut. Furthermore, some cases of cross-reactivity with tree nuts like almond, hazelnut, macadamia and walnut have been observed. Nevertheless, nut-allergic patients do not show a clear higher propensity to have also coconut allergy. Another described cross-reactivity in coconut-allergic individuals is towards lentils.

Fast and highly sensitive coconut analysis

Romer Labs AgraStrip test kits are lateral flow devices (LFD) for the qualitative analysis of coconut in environmental samples, rinse waters, beverages and food products.

AgraStrip® Lateral Flow Devices

The AgraStrip® Coconut test kit is a ready-to-use lateral flow device (LFD) for on-site testing. This immunological test allows a rapid analysis of a wide range of food, beverage and environmental samples within only 11 minutes (including extraction).

AgraStrip® LFDs represent a fast and simple qualitative strip test method in which specific antibodies labeled with colloidal gold are used for visual color development at a test and control zone.

The test kit comes complete with strips, antibody coated incubation vials, extraction tubes, ready-to-use extraction buffer, surface swabs and additional accessories.


AgraStrip® Coconut (10002085)

AgraStrip® Coconut (10002085)

The AgraStrip® Coconut test kit is a lateral flow device (LFD) designed for the on-site detection of coconut residues in raw materials, finished food products and beverages, rinse waters and environmental samples. They allow for the simple, fast and reliable qualitative detection of coconut traces.


Storage temperature15°C - 25°C
Limit of detection10 ppm coconut, 10 µg/25 cm2 coconut (swab testing)
Number of tests10

Materials supplied

  • 1 tube with 10 AgraStrip® Coconut LFDs
  • 1 foil pouch with 10 incubation vials containing antibodies
  • 1 bottle of 35 mL ready-to-use extraction buffer with dropper cap
  • 10 extraction tubes and caps
  • 10 filtered dropper tips for the extraction tubes
  • 10 sterile swabs with pre-scored tips
  • 1 vial rack

Materials required but not supplied

  • blender for solid samples